Friday, March 20, 2015

Business on Top, PJ Party on Bottom! Remote Employee Goofs.

Working from home can be great. It provides the flexibility so often craved in our over scheduled society. It allows you to save money on gas, dry cleaning and, wait, who am I kidding, dry cleaning? There are numerous perks to being a remote employee but my two big positives are no commute and more time with family. Since I started working from home I’ve grown surprisingly comfortable with video conferencing and in this global economy that is a big plus.

Working from home provides employees with a unique perspective of workday goofs. While you might not witness the hilarity of your co-worker missing his chair there are other spectacles unique to the virtual workforce. Some of my witnessed video-call goofs are:

  • Sleeping dog suddenly passes gas, with audible force. (It wasn’t me!)
  • A forgotten dirty pile of laundry peaks into view. (Why did I readjust my camera?)
  • Your mullet attire….buttoned up top, pajamas on bottom, accidentally revealed. (No more standing to get something!)
  • Your roommate comes strolling into your office to ask you a question, sans shirt. (Must invest in locks!)
  • It’s your turn to speak and the phone keeps ringing. In a panic, you can’t remember how to silence it! (#$@!#$$~!)
  • You click answer instead of ignore. That visual check in the mirror you needed is now replaced with explaining why you look like you just removed your finger from an electrical socket.

We all need reasons to laugh and goofs like these are definitely worth a chuckle. They might not be ‘box office smash’ funny but if Will Farrell was the victim of these fails, they just might be!

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