"It's a numbers game!" I hate that expression and that's all I heard when I first started cold calling. I started my career in the the research department of a recruiting agency. After a year or so I moved into a new role in the same agency that required more cold calling. I instinctively did research on the candidates before calling. The Senior Recruiter caught wind of my intel' gathering and I was promptly scolded for wasting time. 

"Just pick up the phone, don't waste time looking up information."

I still dislike the 'numbers game' mentality even though I recognize that high volume cold calling is extremely valuable to recruiting. I just like having more meat on the candidates l call. I am a natural researcher. I also think it's a smart way to recruit and in the long run is more efficient. However, the truth is when recruiting you need everything. You need great sourcing, great marketing and great sales. 

I decided to write this blog because I love the direction and the future of recruitment. It's an industry that will continue to benefit from the growth of social media and it is an industry merging wonderfully with marketing. Employment branding is where my heart is when it comes to recruiting. My educational background is in anthropology, which is the study of cultures, and to truly understand your employment brand you have to understand your company's culture. The term employment branding crept into the business world and I think having people dive deeper into understanding their brand will benefit everyone, employers and employees alike. It's such an interesting and exciting addition to the Human Resources world.

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