Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Find Your Target, Then Settle in for the Hunt.

Targeting Your Job Search is part of the puzzle to launching a successful job hunt. Recruiters and hiring managers love to have many candidates to choose from; however, being too available can also backfire.

Here are a few Do's and Don’ts on job hunting:
  • DO look up the job openings at a company before contacting their HR department
  • DON’T say "I need a job, what do you have open, I'll do anything". (even if it's true!)
  • DO highlight what your skills are and if you're not sure, learn what they are...we all have strengths.
  • DON’T get too down on yourself if you don’t get the job. You might be a great fit but three other great people might also be a great fit, companies can’t hire all the people they want. (sad but true)
  • DO Google yourself. Do you have an online presence that looks professional or is your personal brand littered with spelling errors, online rants and inappropriate pictures? (if you answers yes, time to do damage control!!)
  • DO keep your options open. Your dream job might be at XYZ company you should still keep applying to other companies because when looking for a job, you need options!
Good Luck! While the job market might be picking up, it’s still tough out there and most recruiters (both agency and corporate) want you to find that perfect job!!

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